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Sunflower yields increase by pre-sowing seed treatment in the electric field

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Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd
, , Citation M P Aksenov et al 2021 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 786 012001



At present, the problem of the seeds sowing qualities and the produced crop quality improving is still urgent. The solution to this problem is carried out mainly through the use of various preparations for pre-sowing seed processing. A promising direction in the pre-sowing seed-processing field is the application of seed processing electrophysical methods before sowing. The research results on the industrial frequency of 50 Hz alternating electric field influence on the sunflower hybrids NK Neoma, LG 5550, ES Petunia laboratory germination seeds are presented in the article. It was found that with the electric field density of 6-8 kV/cm, the processing time from 60 to 95 seconds, it increases laboratory germination in the ES Petunia hybrid by 11%, in the NK Neoma and LG 5550 hybrid by 8%. It is proposed to process seeds in the electric field with set-up effective modes to improve the condition properties.

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