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Box filtering for real-time curvature scale-space computation


Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd
, , Citation M Hennig and B Mertsching 2021 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1958 012020



Curvature scale-space (CSS) analysis is an important technique for contour-based object recognition in digital images. To compute the CSS for a given contour, it is systematically convolved (smoothed) with Gaussians with increasing standard deviation. The convolutions are computationally expensive, especially for large and high resolution contours, but can be approximated using box filtering (also known as mean and average filtering). Together with running sums, the convolutions can be accelerated by 2–3 magnitudes without significant loss of precision. Nonetheless, box filtering has not been systematically investigated in connection with CSS computation. In this work, we present a theoretical and experimental analysis of different box-filtering techniques in this context and conclude which is the most efficient implementation. Based on this, the CSS of a contour can be computed in real time with high precision.

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