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Physica Scripta is published by the IOP on behalf of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for the Science Academies and the Physical Societies of the Nordic Countries.

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Paper of the Week – My life and the world of crystals
Ian Robinson played a central role during the most exciting era in surface physics, as this area blossomed and reached its apex during the 1980s. "My life and the world of crystals" is a perfect synopsis of how the structures and properties of solid surfaces finally came to be understood. The wide range of new techniques, including (among many others) low energy electron diffraction, synchrotron radiation spectroscopies, surface x-ray diffraction, and scanning tunneling microscopy, are discussed from the point of view of one of the most active participants. Perhaps a climax, as described in detail, was the achievement of the Holy Grail: the structure of the Si(7x7) surface. And then one moves into the present, with Bragg coherent diffraction imaging applied to nanostructures, and anticipates the future, with free electron lasers and time domain crystallography.

Virtual issue: Mixing in fusion plasmas
With Guest Editors Snezhana I Abarzhi, Michael E Mauel and Harold Weitzner, this virtual issue comprises a collection of papers that were presented at, and are relevant to, the mini-conference Mixing in Fusion Plasmas and the programme 'Turbulent Mixing and Beyond'.

Highlights of 2014
Don't miss our new collection of papers, celebrating the research that was published with us last year. All the papers are free to read until 31 December 2015.

Virtual issue: Emerging technologies and the future of humanity
This virtual issue of Physica Scripta grew out of the one-day meeting 'Emerging technologies and the future of humanity' that took place on March 17, 2014, at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The backdrop of the discussions at the meeting is the realization that technologies developed in the next few decades can have profound influence on the future of humanity.

Crystallography and the Gregori Aminoff Prize
To mark the fact that 2014 has been designated the 'International Year of Crystallography', Physica Scripta will be publishing a virtual issue containing Invited Comments on the history of crystallography, as well as autobiographical articles from some of the current and previous winners of the Gregori Aminoff Prize. You can read the first papers published in this virtual issue here.

In the last 30 days

  • The effect of spin in swing bowling in cricket: model trajectories for spin alone

    Garry Robinson and Ian Robinson 2015 Phys. Scr. 90 028004

    View abstract View article PDF (2.21 MB)

  • Effect of Coulomb interactions on the physical observables of graphene

    María A H Vozmediano and F Guinea 2012 Phys. Scr. 2012 014015

    View abstract View article PDF (226 KB)

  • Responses to catastrophic AGI risk: a survey OPEN ACCESS

    Kaj Sotala and Roman V Yampolskiy 2015 Phys. Scr. 90 018001

    View abstract View article PDF (695 KB)

  • Crystallography and physics OPEN ACCESS

    David A Keen 2014 Phys. Scr. 89 128003

    View abstract View article PDF (157 KB)

  • Towards industrial applications of graphene electrodes

    Sukang Bae et al 2012 Phys. Scr. 2012 014024

    View abstract View article PDF (2.01 MB)

  • The motion of an arbitrarily rotating spherical projectile and its application to ball games

    Garry Robinson and Ian Robinson 2013 Phys. Scr. 88 018101

    View abstract View article PDF (572 KB)

  • Two-dimensional crystals-based heterostructures: materials with tailored properties

    K S Novoselov and A H Castro Neto 2012 Phys. Scr. 2012 014006

    View abstract View article PDF (1.16 MB)

  • Phase transitions induced by global and local time delay

    Hong Yang and Li Juan Ning 2015 Phys. Scr. 90 045202

    View abstract View article PDF (534 KB)

  • Snails home

    D J Dunstan and D J Hodgson 2014 Phys. Scr. 89 068002

    View abstract View article PDF (545 KB)

  • Life, career, and structural biology

    Yigong Shi 2014 Phys. Scr. 89 068004

    View abstract View article PDF (4.06 MB)

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