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The Astrophysical Journal is the foremost research journal in the world devoted to recent developments, discoveries, and theories in astronomy and astrophysics. Many of the classic discoveries of the twentieth century have first been reported in the Journal.

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On October 14, 2010 The Astrophysical Journal migrated all active manuscripts from the IOP peer review system to eJournalPress. If you are having difficulty accessing your manuscript or sending in a review, please mail the editorial office.


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The Astrophysical Journal Letters is a peer-reviewed express scientific journal that allows astrophysicists to rapidly publish short notices of significant original research. Submit an article to the ApJL.

The Astrophysical Journal Supplement publishes significant papers containing extensive data or calculations, or of very specialized interest. The Supplement contains many of the most frequently cited papers in the astronomical literature.
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These are the latest articles published in The Astrophysical Journal.

  • Laplace Plane Modifications Arising from Solar Radiation Pressure

    Aaron J. Rosengren and Daniel J. Scheeres 2014 ApJ 786 45

    View abstract View article PDF (14.15 MB)

  • Statistical and Systematic Errors in the Measurement of Weak-Lensing Minkowski Functionals: Application to the Canada-France-Hawaii Lensing Survey

    Masato Shirasaki and Naoki Yoshida 2014 ApJ 786 43

    View abstract View article PDF (1.44 MB)

  • NuSTAR Detection of High-energy X-Ray Emission and Rapid Variability from Sagittarius A Flares

    Nicolas M. Barrière et al. 2014 ApJ 786 46

    View abstract View article PDF (1.68 MB)

  • The Spitzer Survey of Interstellar Clouds in the Gould Belt. VI. The Auriga-California Molecular Cloud Observed with IRAC and MIPS

    Hannah Broekhoven-Fiene et al. 2014 ApJ 786 37

    View abstract View article PDF (71.66 MB)

  • The Star-forming Galaxy Contribution to the Cosmic MeV and GeV Gamma-Ray Background

    Brian C. Lacki et al. 2014 ApJ 786 40

    View abstract View article PDF (1.19 MB)

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